Whiteboarding Session: Modern Data Platform

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Hadoop Data Lakes in the Modern Data Architecture

BlueGranite's Whiteboarding Sessions are are on-site, hands-on discussions between your leadership team members and our Data and Analytics Strategists.  We'll help you assess needs and issues relating to the use of data across the organization, and address how a Modern Data Platform solution architecture would help.

Our breadth of industy experience from retail to financial services and manufacturing to healthcare, provides a rich foundation to assist you in developing a comprehensive set of ideas to maximize the use of one of your organization's most valuable assets:  your data.

Over the past decade we've delivered Whiteboarding Sessions for the Fortune 500, mid-market companies, and public sector organizations across the United States and Canada.  During the session our team of architects and solution consultants will help you:

  • Understand specific needs and issues relating to data and analytics
  • Outline existing data assets both inside and external to the organization
  • Brainstorm where and how the Modern Data Platform approach fits in your strategy
  • Develop a high level "think big, start small" roadmap to execute the vision

Fill out your information below and one of our consultants will follow-up with you shortly.  Thanks and we look foward to working with you.

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