State and Local Government
Managing Smart City Data

Insights to Outcomes Webinar Series

Date: October 1, 2020  |  Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST

The phrase “Smart City” is cited regularly – sometimes excitedly and sometimes with more trepidation. Underlying the phrase is ultimately a desire to deliver better services to residents of a municipality, often times through the use of sensors and internet of things devices.

These solutions can span government services, from better control of street lights to counting the number of cars driving on a street, to monitoring the fill level of a trash bin. Each of these solutions will generally come with its own system for storing data and visualizing the data that is collected. This works well for each respective solution, but if there is a desire to overlay all of the sensor data on a single map or dashboard, there may be challenges out of the box.


In this installment of the Insights to Outcomes Webinar Series focusing on the use of data in cities, counties, and states, BlueGranite invites you to learn more about approaches and considerations to managing “Smart City” data.

For this session, we will discuss some specific examples of extracting data from sensor devices and using tools within Azure to gain insights and visualize the data. We will also talk about some of the potential pitfalls to avoid when procuring sensors as part of your smart cities strategy and some bigger ideas to incorporate using tools from Azure.

Session Agenda

  • Overview of the current state of smart cities

  • Understand some of the potential pitfalls of purchasing smart city sensors

  • Brainstorm some next steps once data from sensors is all centralized

  • Explore using Azure to extract and gain insight from sensor data

  • Question and Answers


Sam Edelstein, Senior Consultant
sam-edelsteinSam is a Senior Consultant with BlueGranite and previously served as the Chief Data Officer in Syracuse, NY. Sam enjoys helping organizations understand how to build data-driven cultures, all while implementing policy, governance, and technology frameworks and tools to help them scale. Sam has a Master's Degree in Information Management from Syracuse University.

Larry Baker, Solution Architect
larry-baker-150x150Larry is a Solution Architect at BlueGranite who specializes in data warehousing. He has extensive experience delivering successful business intelligence projects on the Microsoft Business Intelligence technical stack. His experience includes dimensional design, IOT, data lake, modern BI, and enterprise reporting solutions. Larry is also a former real time embedded systems programmer and test engineer for a medical device manufacturer.


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  • Highlight the current state of smart cities
  • Explore the tangible benefits of deploying a smart city strategy
  • Guide for how to use Azure in your smart city strategy
  • Provide live Q&A to get your questions answered

 SESSION Details

  • October 1, 2020 at 11am-12pm EST
  • Live, online webinar session - recording available for attendees