BlueGranite Recorded Webinar
Overview of Text Analytics with
Hadoop, R, and Microsoft Azure

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The desire to enhance the customer experience and elevate customer lifetime value is a key part of many firm strategies. Often times, the information needed to make value-adding changes is trapped in the text inside documents and comes in the form of customer surveys, call logs, social media posts, and other text.

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Historically, much of this data has been put on the shelf or discarded due to the high entry barriers in doing text analysis. Either there was too much data, the data was in an odd format, the intellectual barriers to mining the text were too high, or the process for capturing information was too manual to be cost effective.

Due to changes in the technology landscape with tools like Hadoop, R, and pre-built solutions in Microsoft Azure, many of the traditional barriers for text analytics have been reduced or eliminated. Join us in this session to learn how to create text analytics solutions on your customer data. We’ll walk through architectures and examples of text analytics solutions ranging from easy to complex.

In this webinar you'll learn about:

  • What text analytics is and when and why you should be doing it

  • Techniques and architectures for creating text analytics solutions

  • See examples of text analytics in several different technologies including Hadoop and R

  • See an example of the usage of pre-built text analytics solutions in Microsoft Azure


Leo Furlong
Principal Consultant 

BG_blogbio_LeoFurlong.pngLeo is a Principal Consultant at BlueGranite specializing in data and analytics solutions on the Microsoft platform.  His work with customers includes solutions for Advanced Analytics, Self-Service BI, Performance Management, OLAP, ETL, Reporting, and Relational Database methodologies. As a Principal at BlueGranite, Leo participates in a variety of leadership roles across the project lifecycle, from requirements gathering to architecture design and implementation.   Leo's experience with the Microsoft platform includes some of the latest tools for data and analytics from Microsoft, including Power BI, Azure HDInsight, and SQL Server.  Check out Leo's blog posts at

David Eldersveld
Solution Consultant

BG_blogbio_DavidEldersveld.pngAs a Solution Consultant with BlueGranite, David draws on a combined background in business and technology to deliver leading-edge solutions that provide better insight into business data through visualization and analytics. For over ten years, David has employed skills in technology development, decision science, data engineering and analysis, systems analysis, and project management.  David's work is almost exclusively on the Microsoft data and analytics platform, building BI and advanced analytics solutions on Azure Machine Learning, Microsoft R, and Power BI.  He is active in the Microsoft community, speaking at PASS events and SQL Saturdays around the U.S.  Be sure to visit David's blog at