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Enable the storage and processing of all data, regardless of format, medium, or source. Respond to rapidly changing business needs with a flexible data analytics platform that quickly incorporates new systems and capabilities.
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The ability to store and analyze data that stretches traditional limits is the foundation of a solid cloud scale analytics initiative. Modern data platforms support exponential data growth without capital investment.
state and local gov data



Technology – when deployed effectively – is a critical lever in improving business function. Skillfully integrating today’s AI and BI capabilities with unfettered access to relevant data sources enables organizations to reach new heights.

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Harnessing Cloud-scale COVID-19 Data Speeds Hope, Informs Public Healthcare

As the extraordinary, rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic took hold in the United States, one of the first regions to feel its devastating toll was also one of the first to seek solid strategies to manage disease transmission and slow infection rates. With no time to lose and everything at stake, this state’s heavily burdened Department of Health prioritized development of an innovative, tactical COVID-19 action response – employing technology to prevent countless deaths, lessen the strain on hospitals, enable contact tracing, and reduce economic shocks.

In collaboration with Microsoft and the state health department, BlueGranite – a Microsoft Gold partner, employed its Data and AI proficiency to help speed response tools into existence. Working together, we quickly facilitated a plan of action – clarifying technology goals around the region’s pandemic response – then embarked on a full-scale implementation effort.

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  • Multizone Azure Data Lake, which houses data from the constituent operational systems
  • Employs Azure Databricks for hyper-scalable data processing. Azure Data Factory orchestrates the integration of Databricks and the Data Lake.
  • Rapid integration of new data sources – such as REDCap and Microsoft Dynamics for data capture and contact tracing and MITRE’s Sara for its automated symptom monitoring capabilities.


Azure Cloud Services Foster e-Scooter Safety, Oversight, Boosting Smart City Possibilities

Popular with tourists and residents, electric scooter startups and their e-scooters have flooded major cities over the past few years. As 2018 ended, more than 85,000 e-scooters were available for public use across 100 U.S. cities. The low-cost rentals cut emissions and parking, ride sharing, or car hire costs. But problems – congestion, injuries, and accidents, to name a few – have plagued the runaway success of these shared urban mobility devices.


Regional Water Distribution System Enables Real-Time Analytics

Clean water – it’s essential to human health and the health of the planet. Based in the U.S. mid-Atlantic region, one of the world’s largest advanced wastewater treatment facilities provides clean water to nearly a million people, and treats wastewater, returning it to the water cycle, for nearly as many. Radical and rapid technology changes require the water treatment giant to maintain vigilance against potential vulnerabilities in its system. To that end, the utility brought in BlueGranite to build a revolutionary Azure platform that transforms security infrastructure, and furthers advanced analysis, machine learning, and equipment-monitoring capabilities. 



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