On-Premise SQL Server Data Warehouse Migration to Azure

QuickStart Migration to Azure SQL Database Managed Instance

It's time to migrate your data warehouse to the Cloud

The recurring need to upgrade your data warehouse to the latest version of SQL Server or faster, newer hardware is always around the corner - why not make this next move the last time? Companies are migrating their data solutions to the Azure cloud to take advantage of the Azure Data Services and running on Platform as a Service offerings where they never manage infrastructure or software versioning again.

No more hardware upgrades, no more Operating System and SQL Server patching, and you’re always on the latest version of SQL Server. With the added time savings, you can focus on things that add real value to your business like integrating new data sources, adding new data visualization capabilities, or tackling that machine learning, IoT, or artificial intelligence project you’ve been putting off.

From a vantage point in the cloud, the landscape changes...

Migrating your on-premise SQL Server DW and ETL solutions to Azure is just the tip of the iceberg. The innovation and feature-rich opportunities in Azure can move your BI and reporting onto PaaS as well, and your platform becomes nearly future proof with an on-ramp to a full, modern data platform architecture.  From up in the cloud, many of the technical barriers that make IoT, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence solutions challenging to implement are dramatically reduced, or even eliminated. We'll help you understand the dynamic landscape of Cloud Scale Analytics.


  • Review the current state of your data warehouse and establish a future state Azure vision & strategy
  • Migrate your on-premise SQL Server data warehouse and ETL to Azure SQL Database Managed Instance (MI)
  • Bonus Workshop: Learn how to deploy separate environments in Azure for Dev and Test, as well as modernize your data solutions using the latest and greatest data and AI tools in Azure


  • Fixed cost for migration project, including travel expenses
  • Migrate your on-premise SQL Server data warehouse and ETL to Azure
  • Testing is performed to ensure connectivity, solution parity, and performance
  • Bonus Data & AI modernization workshop is included