SQL/Azure Reporting POC

A 4-Day Consulting Engagement with BlueGranite

Does your organization have reports or dashboards with excessive execution times?

Whether it takes 5+ minutes or even hours, moving your data platform to SQL Server 2016 or Azure Data Platform Services could help. When working with BlueGranite’s modern data platform experts, you will be able to assess your situation and design a solution to move you to a modern data architecture that could drastically speed up your report or dashboard performance.  Put the designs to the test by doing a FREE, small-scale proof-of-concept (POC).

In this POC, you will work with Microsoft experts to discuss the cloud and on-premises data platform tools. You will collectively select a POC architecture which could include SQL Server 2016 utilizing blazing fast in-memory column store indexes or massively parallel solutions like Azure SQL Data Warehouse. A subset of the legacy data will be migrated to the selected POC architecture.  A selected report or dashboard will be tested against the modern data platform POC for performance.  Finally, discussions and white boarding sessions are conducted to create a plan for migrating to your future solution.

Day 1: Introduction

You will work with a modern data platform expert to discuss your current solution and discuss solution options in the Azure Data Platform or SQL Server 2016.  We’ll also collectively select a use case and report or dashboard to test for the POC.  Finally, we’ll start the process of provisioning your solution in Microsoft Azure. 

Day 2: Develop POC

BlueGranite will load the data to the POC environment and develop the solution.  Additionally, we will analyze the report or dashboard code to convert it for the POC.

Day 3: POC Testing

We will test the report or dashboard against the POC solution and make modifications as necessary to obtain the best performance possible. 

Day 4: Kickstart your Modern Data Platform

On the final day of the POC, we will perform a demo to exhibit your report or dashboard’s new speed.  We’ll also walk through the solution to explain the architecture and its components.  Finally, we’ll work with you to create a plan on migrating to your new solution. 

Additional Technical Requirements

The POC work effort will be limited to 4 days in duration. The client must have an Azure subscription to test solutions in Azure. If an Azure subscription is not available, Microsoft may be able to provide a trial subscription for the POC. BlueGranite is not responsible for deidentifying your data set for the POC. 


  • Discuss existing solution architecture, business value created, and selection of a specific use case.
  • Review Microsoft’s cloud and on-premises tool options and make a selection for the POC.
  • Demonstrate how Microsoft’s modern data platform tools will enhance report or dashboard performance.
  • Develop and plan for solution implementation.

Qualification criteria

  • You are currently using older database platforms and tools (Microsoft or non-Microsoft based).
  • Reports or dashboards are executing on an analytical database (Data Warehouse, Data Mart, Star Schema, Flat table).
  • Report or dashboard execution times aren’t meeting business expectations.
  • Slowness for reports or dashboards isn’t due to excessive programming logic.

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