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Global Distributor Gains Fiscal Clarity with Automated Validation Suite

When a company exceeds billions in annual sales, accurately calculating profitability is key. This American-based intercontinental distributor, that services clients in every corner of the country, wanted a clear picture of its success. A complex legacy system was obstructing its view.

A rapid series of acquisitions was key to the unprecedented growth of this marketing, wholesale and management consultation conglomerate. But along with the burst of business came a confusion of methodologies.

While celebrating its explosive growth, this distributor was grappling with a legacy financial reporting platform that did not provide insights at the required granularity.

Even with data governance programs to keep reporting accurate, uniform, and efficient, integrating systems can be an enormous challenge — one that this successful corporation knew it could surmount.


Among its challenges, were business users from different groups that had different ways of calculating profit level. Its legacy platform was built atop ineffective, slow data structures that negatively impacted user experience. Different systems had been created in the past to try to resolve these issues, leading to confusing data anomalies.

Supporting this complex system was straining the company’s internal and partner IT resources. They asked BlueGranite to help them swiftly redesign data models for performance and accuracy.

The Solution

The distributor knew replacing old tools with new tools wouldn’t be enough; they wanted a thorough roadmap to resolve inaccuracies and a coordinated rollout of a newer, faster framework.

The corporation’s key subject matter experts worked with us to create a detailed implementation and roll-out plan. It included:

  • A comprehensive data model design with accurate profitability calculations
  • An automated validation suite to highlight and troubleshoot inaccuracies
  • Risk assessment and a Disaster Recovery Plan
  • End user workshops and training to support long-term adoption

A new hardware platform capable of supporting a much larger community of users, while storing several more years of data than the legacy system could accommodate, also aided the corporation’s analysts.

The Result

Thanks to the new framework, this company created a system allowing its corporate finance users to report on true profitability, with the added bonuses of a more than 50 percent reduction in query speed and data loads. Instead of spending time fixing anomalies in their reports, these analysts are able to focus on what is truly important – uncovering and sharing insights.

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