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Nonprofit Reinvents Outreach with 360-Degree View of Donors

A Midwestern-based nonprofit has been building and supporting remote U.S. parishes for a major world religion for more than 100 years. A recent overhaul of its customer interaction technology is transforming operations, propelling the charity into another century of success.

The aid agency launches rural outposts to serve the faith-based needs of often-impoverished areas. It then works to cultivate parish independence. Since its inception in the early 1900s, the charity has served nearly 90 clerical districts and raised more than $500 million in its mission.

Committed to continue meeting the needs of those it serves far into the future, the organization recently launched an effort to digitally transform its operations. By leveraging existing and new donor and promotions data, the nonprofit is reinventing its outreach. With the help of BlueGranite, it’s creating a 360-degree view; an enhanced picture of its contributors, supporters, and efforts that will help refine and target marketing, making the most of every dollar donated.


Big-Picture View Fosters Data-Driven Decisions

This charity previously managed donor details through Excel sheets, and used low-cost mediums, such as direct mail, for marketing. While these efforts hold merit, the agency had little insight into its reach and impact. It needed a way to measure those details and tie them into its digital outreach efforts, to drive future decisions.

A recent update of the nonprofit’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system was its first step toward building a holistic view of donors and outreach impact. The new system gives insight – based on donor history and electronic interactions – into who is giving, how often, how much, and what campaigns or marketing strategies are most effective.

To better round out those details, the agency collaborated with BlueGranite in uniting 40 years of legacy data, and information on nearly 500,000 contacts, into the new CRM; we incorporated donor digital touchpoints – mobile and web interactions – as well as demographic data, and built reporting on top of it.

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Microsoft Tech Behind Rich Reporting, Unified View

The collection of custom BlueGranite reports help hone sales staff efforts. They highlight donor details and regions that may yield a higher number of prospects or heavier donations. The reports also dig into revenue details, high-level key performance indicators, and grant statistics, and aid human resources staff.

We built a data warehouse using Microsoft’s Azure SQL Database to tie the various systems together and built visualization using Power BI, the interactive business analytics tool suite.

By partnering in this charity’s marketing and promotional strategy revamp, we’ve helped the organization better serve its current and future stakeholders, maximizing every donation.

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  • Orchestrated disparate data sources using Azure Data Factory
  • Built a data warehouse using Microsoft’s cloud-based, scalable Azure SQL Database to tie the various systems together
  • Designed dynamic reporting using Power BI

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