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National Skilled Nursing Leader focuses on Business Intelligence

Life Care Centers of America has spent almost half a century as a national leader in skilled nursing care. It also provides top inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services. In order to continue to best serve its 22,000 daily residents, the company embarked on a business intelligence journey with BlueGranite to modernize its data analytics process.

Life Care manages over 250 skilled nursing, assisted living, and independent living facilities across 28 states. Critical data was previously decentralized across the organization in multiple applications, making timely decision-making a challenge. Life Care knew that moving successfully into the future depended on more than just identifying its key performance indicators; it also needed a scalable data warehouse to integrate and transform its decentralized data, and powerful BI tools to leverage that data.


Data-Driven Insights

Its investment in a companywide business intelligence platform is transforming operations for this skilled nursing care leader.  Leadership’s access to consistent data – automatically updated and centralized from applications across the organization – and the ability to quickly analyze that information, is informing enterprise-wide operational decisions.

This one-stop solution empowers leaders with improved insight and the ability to now make deeply informed decisions in a timelier manner.


Highlights of Life Care’s business intelligence solution include:

  • Consolidated reporting of clinical, human resources, and financial performance.
  • Real-time census and labor data, to keep the organization staffed properly with fluctuating resident admissions and discharges.
  • Integration of multiple on-premise and cloud-based data sources to summarize “single version of the truth” data throughout the organization.
  • Companywide rankings to identify abnormalities and bring attention to concerns before they can grow into larger issues, making the organization as proactive as possible.

Modern Business Intelligence Creates Clarity

By implementing a seamless solution, management and staff are able to keep their focus on residents, rather than waste energy generating reports from multiple applications scattered across many locations. The company can now quickly spot concerns and address them as soon as possible.

To learn more about the many facets of Life Care’s business intelligence journey and ways similar solutions can boost your business, listen here to a previously recorded webinar featuring Mark Gooch, LCCA’s former vice president of business intelligence and process improvement, and our own Eric Wozniak, a BlueGranite principal and leader. The two discuss ways data can propel an organization toward a successful future.

The pair explores how data and analytics have improved LCCA business operations and patient care and in what ways predictive analytics and mobile will improve the future quality of care for patients of this major skilled-nursing provider.

Interested in what data can do for you? Explore the many possibilities by contacting us today.


  • We built a Microsoft Business Intelligence solution using SQL Server Integration Services. This solution integrates financial, clinical, resident, labor, and human resources data from over 20 different data sources.
  • Using SQL Server Analysis Services, a cube containing KPIs that are essential to the business at multiple levels updates on an hourly basis.
  • Dashboards deployed to SharePoint provide LCCA access to high-level KPIs, historical data from more than 10 years of history, and the ability to drill down to details, at the level they most need them.