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Modern BI Improves Campaigns, Saves Time for Worldwide Auto Advertiser

A global auto industry advertising powerhouse takes pride in its close relationships with client dealerships, providing each one with a dealer-partner manager to ensure the effective execution of every custom-designed digital marketing strategy.

But these dealer-partner managers were spending more time mired in the complexities of a dated report-generating system than in their important face-to-face client meetings for which the reports were produced.  The agency decided to simplify the process by embracing a modern business intelligence and analytics solutions suite using a Hadoop-based environment.  


Complicated Reporting Takes Valuable Time

The advertising giant works hand in hand with thousands of auto dealers to develop its digital marketing campaigns and to create innovative ways for dealerships to increase incoming lead volumes and connect with targeted consumers. Once a custom plan is in place, it must be closely tracked to ensure success. The solutions are designed to be unique to each dealership, so measuring the performance of each program adds a layer of complexity.

Dealer-partner managers bring performance reports to their on-site advertising training and implementation meetings. These reports help monitor campaign performance and impact. But because the data required to compile these reports was mixed among PDFs, forms, screen scrapes, and a Hadoop environment, they took significant time and effort to compile. Often, creating the reports took the dealer-partner managers’ time away from the more important function of effectively identifying and implementing potential campaign improvements for their client dealerships.

Streamlined Solutions Make for Simplified Reports

The agency ultimately sought to eliminate the bulk of manual data preparation for dealership status meetings. The group initially created an internal solution, but when the result wasn’t achieving the anticipated performance, the company reached out to BlueGranite. We helped their I.T. team implement improved data extraction and preparation performance by pulling together the disparate source material, and we updated the design of account team dashboards.

The successful analytics overhaul created a streamlined and simplified way to generate reports. Now the agency’s dealer-partner managers are able to spend their valuable time uncovering advertising insights using printer-friendly, up-to-date dashboards.

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  • The BlueGranite team wrote impala queries in order to position the client’s data from their existing Hadoop system to improve its overall performance.
  • We worked to implement and create a series of Tableau reports to combine client datasets in a meaningful way for managers to interpret results and apply them to their active decision-making obligations.
  • The BlueGranite team configured the solution to automatically generate PDF reports so managers could easily bring printed copies along with them in the field for quick decision making.