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Data Pioneer Takes Modern BI Test Drive

One of the world’s largest marketing data collection companies gives its clients crucial business insights – perhaps none more important than market standing. The company shows clients their own market share, versus that of the competition. And to further its own market position, this intelligence titan wanted to revolutionize the way it handles the masses of data it compiles.

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The company’s internal information technology team asked BlueGranite to partner in conceptualizing, and then demonstrating, an easier way to store and make sense of vast amounts of historical and real-time data. Its existing application was difficult to maintain and slow. These hurdles were due to the enormous amounts of data involved, and an unwieldy, outdated system.

We took what was a complex approach to analysis and created a streamlined, proof-of-concept reporting solution for the company – a scalable one that could grow as quickly as the company’s client base.

Azure HDInsight – Microsoft’s Apache Hadoop fully-managed cloud-based offering – allowed us to quickly and accurately handle the massive sets of big data the information company mines to give its clients the leading edge. We then built a way for the company’s end users to easily cull statistics from those massive information sets – what’s known as semantic layer – on top of the data using SQL Services Analysis Services.

The secure, conceptual Microsoft combination gave this information insider an easier way to examine data for each of its clients, and to also quickly create tables, show key performance indicators and illustrate other crucial information.

Our architectural design example allowed the data pioneer to try a simpler way of doing business – while giving its customers deeper insight into sales data, market share, and accurate, but generic, competitor data.

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