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BlueGranite Ignites Data-Centric CPG Transformation Using Microsoft Tech

Quality products, low unemployment, and the booming DIY trend are furthering surging sales for an industry leader in decorative and builder hardware.

This growing bath and cabinet hardware provider, whose parent manufacturing company began more than a century ago, sells its products globally through wholesalers, as well as through major internet and brick and mortar retailers. Committed to maintaining its longtime market foothold, the company, based in the U.S. South Atlantic region, needed help gaining clearer insight from its sales and market data.

It partnered with BlueGranite to simplify its complex enterprise data warehouse (EDW) and create streamlined access to true data for accurate insight. Our efforts:

  • Eliminated data drift.
  • Broke the cycle of reactive action here, replacing it with data-led decision processes.
  • Furthered accurate sales forecasting.

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This company’s biggest customers include a multinational online retail leader, one of the largest U.S. home improvement merchants, and many big box retail chains. Variations among sales and revenue reporting for each company made for a labyrinth-like enterprise data warehouse. These complexities also thwarted efforts to keep up-to-date tabs on inventory. Inventory accuracy is critical to demand forecasting – using historical statistics to predict consumer product demand.

 This leader in decorative and functional hardware for the home had recently made a major investment to modernize its enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform, but integration challenges with the EDW created data accuracy issues.

Accurate data is key to making successful data-led decisions. The CPG company turned to BlueGranite’s digital transformation experts; we eased platform integration, enabled accuracy, and designed additional reporting to amplify the new ERP platform’s benefits.


We eliminated the organization’s past data drift challenges – including instances of new, reordered, or missing data fields – and implemented a standardized process to clean, transform, and normalize data for consumption and analysis.

In addition to creating data consistency, BlueGranite simplified and sped up history-based sales forecasting. Previously analysts had to slog through more than 800 million rows of data to gain history-based insight – at a plodding, nearly impossible pace. BlueGranite partitioned nearly five years of historical data by month, speeding processing and exploration.

Not only can this company now use historical data to forecast future sales, daily data refresh gives analysts the ability to look at transactional sales data monthly, rather than just quarterly or yearly, to determine if the company is ahead of or behind sales predictions; to look at what products are most successful and which are stagnant; and to delve into online ad and marketing campaign effectiveness.  

BlueGranite helps you do more with data. Contact us today to discover how we can empower your enterprise.


  • BlueGranite implemented Microsoft’s scalable SQL Server – a relational database management system – to retrieve and store data from this provider’s various global and national retail customers.
  • Our data architects simplified data assimilation with SQL Server Integration Services.
  • We then incorporated the multiple data aspects of the company’s former various SQL Services Reporting Services reports into a single report.
  • Then we created rich, data visualization in Power BI furthering this company’s data-centric transformation.


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