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Modern Data Platform Fuels Global Insights, Consistency for Leading Financial Firm


Company Overview

A worldwide wealth management leader is gaining faster, deeper operations insights at locations around the globe by harnessing the power of personalized, expert-led Azure data analytics installments. Through international subsidiaries and joint ventures, this earnings-focused financial services giant brokers retirement and insurance plans. Meeting unique market regulations and gaining clear views of portfolio performance is critical to client satisfaction, uniform operations, and steady growth, but requires location-tailored solutions.

BlueGranite designed a modern data platform that scales to the needs of each of this financial services firm’s locations.

These powerful new data analytics capabilities are translating to:

  • Rapid insights.
  • Faster data refreshes.
  • Reliable analytical model processing, benefitting both analysts and business users.
  • Software licensing cost savings.

The Challenge

Customer data is key to solid business decisions. Though each of this financial firm’s subsidiaries captured valuable metrics through multiple systems, it was fragmented – leaving important insights at risk of being overlooked. A unified customer view can personalize experiences, reduce churn and – perhaps most critical to the financial sector – can quickly expose potential fraud risk. Holistic views can also enable segmentation, boost profitability, and foster the ability to track the effectiveness of business decisions.

BlueGranite initially collaborated with the financial firm on a recently acquired major North American subsidiary whose expensive, legacy data platform made 360-views challenging. Its metrics were siloed in separate applications, reporting tools were limited, and dependence on the outdated technology was widespread.

A key report, generated by a data science model built to analyze customer churn, had to be manually run monthly on a laptop. The days-long process required a complete restart if interrupted at any point. Gaining insights – whether on model performance or the impact of team recommendations – could require integrating up to six additional data sources, and sometimes the creation of additional downstream applications.

The Solution and Results

BlueGranite experts partnered with this subsidiary’s data developers to design a modern, cloud-based data platform to replace legacy functionality. A unified model refreshes data nightly, ensuring up-to-date customer relationship management, and daily performance insights in critical arenas, such as pensions and mutual funds.

In addition to adopting BlueGranite’s transformative modern data platform, this financial firm’s subsidiary created and filled Chief Data Officer and local Data Engineering Manager roles. These leaders empowered the subsidiary’s data developers to transfer their skills to the new solution to propel it forward. As developers validated and expanded the new semantic layer, the organization’s data scientists transitioned from the local development environment to Azure Databricks, capable of processing and modeling data of all sizes and shapes, and the new Azure Data Lake.

Business experts have been entrusted as data stewards, defining business rules and ensuring solid data governance and validation. The solution enables the firm to decommission aging software, eliminating related licensing costs; supports reliable, collaborative analytical model processing; and speeds fast, interactive insights. The value of this successful alliance spurred another: the organization engaged BlueGranite in one of its largest Asian ventures to further build consistent patterns globally.

The financial giant’s global services operations team provides data and engineering support to all international locations; it now has expertise supporting these digital data ingestion and modeling framework transformations as they are implemented, and can quickly onboard future subsidiaries.

Results at a Glance

Our analytics solution:

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