Retail and Consumer Goods

Re-imagining Multichannel Retail using Scalable Cloud-based Technology

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Shopper Insights


Build new loyalty and win the category at each store! We use new data sources and types to manage retail categories at store level, with real-time price optimization, and individual space and assortment optimization. BlueGranite drives faster innovation by mining web, social, sales, and customer service to better engage consumers.

Personalized Marketing


Drive top line revenue growth and margin improvement! We leverage a behavioral view of the consumer to drive more relevant, contextual offers and recommendations, and implement personalized marketing and personalized pricing and promotions to give shoppers the best possible experience.

Omnichannel & Supply Chain


Optimize the path to purchase! We employ digital, mobile, and physical channel measurement to capture and convert customers. Marketing mix analytics, ad spent optimization, and multi-touch attribution models are reviewed. Additionally, we use demand forecasting to solve for inefficiencies in retail supply chains, and increase operational effectiveness.

Featured Whitepaper

Out of Stock Product Recommender

The "peanut butter problem" occurs when a customer orders a specific kind a peanut butter to be delivered in a grocery order, but the picker fulfilling the order sees that it’s not on the shelf. Which of the fifty other kinds of peanut butter should the picker select instead?

This whitepaper lays out a framework for substituting out of stock items from the perspective of a retail store or order fulfillment platform.

Learn More


What you'll learn:

  • How today's economic environment is putting a high strain on traditional stores and ecommerce
  • Technical challenges relating to supply chain disruptions
  • Identifying substitute products through predictive models
  • Business value of out-of-stock recommenders
  • Incorporating continuous customers feedback


National Furniture Retailer Incorporates Analytics for Greater Customer Insight and Increased Sales

The traditional retail industry, as a whole, has faced a number of obstacles over the past 10 to 20 years. Whether it’s the great recession of 2009, the advent of online shopping or recovering from a worldwide health crisis, established retailers have seen a myriad of challenges. While the economy appears to be on an upward trajectory and consumers are buying more online, it’s not simply recessions and online shopping that have impacted retail. 


Retail Marketer Features Novel Product Insights with Innovative Cloud Scale Analytics

Moving top-brand consumer goods products off store shelves is the chief priority for a North American retail marketing giant. The marketer recently decided to expand the vast analytics capabilities it already offered to the manufacturers it partners with. It collaborated with BlueGranite to design and implement an advanced Azure solution that features even deeper proprietary analytics offerings, and largely automates a once onerous report building process.


Supply Chain Insights Strengthens Dairy-Based Product Distributor’s Foothold

Keeping up with constantly evolving buyer tastes is key to success in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) arena. A century of successful innovation has kept one global food and beverage distributor at the top of its industry. One of its newest North American product lineups, sold in almost 80,000 U.S. retail outlets, capitalizes on the protein-centric and sustainability trends dominating today’s food and beverage industry.



Power BI Showcase: Online Retail Reviews

A common data source among retailers are online reviews from ecommerce sites - what buyers have been saying about their products after a purchase. This example scenario includes users who make a purchase from ABC Apparel are asked whether they recommend the product, how they would rate the product on a scale of 1 to 5, and to review the product in a free text form.

This Power BI example report was made to analyze this information. It contains a summary of reviews, ratings, and recommendations sliced by the most important categories for ABC Apparel. In addition, we can also see ratings distributions for the most important categories, and we can drill down to see the individual reviews. ABC might be having a problem with repeat customers, so they are turning to reviews to see if it exposes any product issues. Or they might just be doing a brand health check and want to be sure that there are mostly positive reviews left on their website.




  • Power BI example showcasing online customer product reviews: recommendation, ratings, and free-form text
  • Ratings distributions for the most important categories, and we can drill down to see the individual reviews
  • Native interactivity of Power BI reports facilitates quick and easy exploration of trends and relationships in the data
  • Users can then drill through to a detail page to see whether the sizing issue is commonly mentioned in comments


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