BlueGranite Recurring Services

Services tailored to help navigate your Modern Analytics journey

BlueGranite's Recurring Services use a subscription model to help you realize the full value of investing in modern analytics and is committed to partnering with your team to envision, support, and enhance your modern analytic solution.

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Enhance and improve your current BI, data warehouse, and analytics solutions. Assist with modern analytics solution development.
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Evaluate and address issues causing pain points. Gain access to services focused on the successful adoption of your modern analytics solutions.
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Have an expert consultant integrated into your team for a recurring contract in order to advise on how to enable or enhance a digital transformation.

Our consultants can help enhance, improve, and support your Data Analytics Solution. Whether through the addition of new sources, or the implementation of new or expanding technologies, we are dedicated to your success. 

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Our Consultants strive to be a trusted advisor within your organization, business unit, or department. We are there to help with any immediate needs, as well as support your continued growth and development. At BlueGranite, clients come first by putting values on teamwork, commitment, and integrity with every project. These principles enable us to deliver on promises and go above and beyond to meet your ever-changing industry and technology needs. With this subscription service, we will work alongside you to keep eyes on changing technology, and innovate and optimize your solution.

  Service goals

  • Assess your data warehouse environment, plan for growth
  • Enhance and innovate on your BI, data warehouse, and analytics solutions
  • Evaluate and address issues causing pain to your business

  Support SUMMARY

  • Annual agreement with a fixed rate and monthly billing cycle
  • Hours allocated based on need and guided by a custom plan
  • Team members are available from 9am to 5pm ET Mon. - Fri.