Predicting Customer
Churn Webinar

Learn about the value of predicting customer churn rates with historical data

Recorded October 2017

In today's competitive market, maintaining a high customer retention rate is critical to success. Understanding when a customer may be at risk to break ties with your organization could help you take a more targeted approach to relationship management, effectively plan for future financial impact, and even prevent the loss of customers in the first place.   

Using the right tools, it is possible to proactively plan for customer churn by analyzing historical data from previous and existing clients. In the webinar recording above, we demonstrate the value of customer churn prediction as well as discuss how to accurately predict which customers are likely to turn over.

Additionally, we explore how data sets can be enriched to identify root causes of churn so that campaigns and conversations can be created to not only prevent churn, but also to potentially re-acquire dissatisfied customers.

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 Webinar GOALS

  • Discuss industry use cases for customer churn in retail, distribution, banking, and utilities environments

  • Learn how to utilize historic customer data for use in the churn prediction

  • Understand how to identify the root causes of churn and potentially prevent loss of customers

 Webinar Details

  • Recorded October 2017
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Colby Ford
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Coming from a background in mathematics, statistics, and bioinformatics, Colby combines this expertise to bring Data Science to everyone. He utilizes R and Python and puts Machine Learning to work to gain insight from data. Outside of BlueGranite, Colby is an avid pianist and genomics researcher. Check out Colby’s website at

Barrie PikeBarriePike.png

Barrie Pike is an accomplished executive with over 25 years’ 

experience in the technology industry specializing in building solutions and applications for consumer goods, retailers, and manufacturers. He is data driven with a deep focus on driving analytics into all aspects of the retail supply and demand chain. Currently, Barrie works as a consultant helping organizations transform their technical and business experience into rapidly deployable and repeatable solutions.

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How much energy should we generate next quarter to meet demand?



Based on previous usage history at this location, how many gallons of water with a new customer will likely use per month?



How will a cold Winter affect natural gas usage compared to the past few years?





How many of this item do I expect to sell this month?



Given that it takes a while to get a delivery, how much of each item should I order?

Customer Traffic

Customer Traffic

How many workers should I schedule based on projected customer traffic today?


Information Technology

Infastructure Utilization

Infastructure Utilization

What level of bandwidth utilization should we expect each day this month?

System Outages

System Outages

Given past history of outages, when is the next outage likely to occur?

Personnel Support

Personnel Support

Given the current trending numbers of employees, how many do we suspect we will have to support next year?