Microsoft Power BI Training

BlueGranite's Online, Virtual Training Course Offers for Departments or Teams


Looking for online, instructor-led training for your department or team?

BlueGranite's training sessions featuring Microsoft Power BI include twelve modules developed by our team of experts over the past several years. We provide beginner level training for departments or teams who are just getting started with Power BI. 

Our curriculum-based approach features hands-on labs and personal guidance to help new Power BI users how to integrate data and build stunning visualizations in Power BI for rapid, valuable insights. As part of the training cost, the organization will receive a copy of all materials for internal use.


With Power BI capabilities and features continually expanding and evolving, it can be a challenge for individuals and business teams to keep up with new visual components, create compelling dashboards, and truly own their data.

Whether your organization includes beginners just starting out, or intermediate users looking for additional direction, hands-on training with BlueGranite experts can help you successfully adopt Power BI.

Client Testimonial

"Thank you so much BlueGranite team! This training was exactly what we needed. We've spent the past 3 months using Power BI, and knew just enough to be dangerous. Our goal is to position ourselves to make better data driven decisions. Thanks for helping us towards that!"  Jen Shinn, Director of Operations at West Coast Financial

 Learning OUTCOMES

  • Create and share compelling data visualizations
  • Find and integrate data from multiple data sources
  • Enrich data with calculations and other features available in Power BI
  • Explore data acquisition, modeling, and security
  • Review Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) business logic and calculations
  • Understand how to refresh source data and secure data and reports  


  • Module 1: Overview of Power BI
  • Module 2: The Components of Power BI Desktop
  • Module 3: Authoring Reports
  • Module 4: Interacting and Filtering
  • Module 5: Report Layout and Design
  • Module 6: Drilling into the Details
  • Module 7:
  • Module 8: Power BI Resources
  • Module 9: Acquiring Data
  • Module 10: Refining the Model
  • Module 11: Data Modeling
  • Module 12: DAX Fundamentals
  • Plus Additional Key Concepts and Best Practices, optional Hands-on "Bring Your Own Data", Admin Training, and Governance Workshop