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The native interactivity of Power BI reports facilitates quick and easy exploration of trends and relationships in the data. The summary page of the report above presents totals and averages for all reviews and then goes one level deeper to look at reviews by age group of the reviewer and the department, division, and class of the product.

As you click through the summary page, notice that buyers age 35 - 44 are by far the most common reviewers on the site. Additionally, tops are the most commonly reviewed products. In general, ABC’s products are highly recommended. Just by clicking on the bars in the Reviewers by Age chart, we get some insights. Buyers age 18 - 24 are a smaller group but seem to be happier with the products they buy. They recommend 86.7% of the products they review and give the products an average rating of 4.33. This is higher than the overall 82.2% of products being recommended and 4.20 average rating.

You can also drill through to detail pages to see whether the sizing issue is commonly mentioned in comments. From browsing the first several reviews, more than half of the reviews mentioned size or fit issues. By selecting a single card in the visual on the bottom half of the page, we can see more information about the selected review, including the product ID, class, department, division, and whether the reviewer recommended the product.

Click around and explore the report! What other insights can you discover?


  • The layout in the background of the Summary and Ratings distribution pages is a background image created in PowerPoint, exported as an image, imported into the report, and applied to the page
  • A drillthrough action is used to navigate from the Summary page to the Review Details page, and a button is provided for navigation back to the Summary page
  • Custom visuals allow visualizations that aren’t available out of the box in Power BI. The dot plot on the Summary page is the Dot Plot by OKViz custom visual available for download in the marketplace (AppSource).
  • To get the full experience, view it in full-screen mode by clicking the double-sided arrow in the bottom right corner of the pane.

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