Power BI Governance & Deployment Advisory Services

1-3 month consulting engagement from BlueGranite

Is your organization deploying Microsoft Power BI?

BlueGranite has developed a framework to address the technical and non-technical elements that contribute to Power BI success within an organization.  Through our advisory services we can help you deploy Power BI successfully by customizing a version of our framework to your organization, ensuring success factors increase while risks are minimized or eliminated.

Where does Power BI fit among all other reporting tools used at my organization?

Discover.  Understand formal and informal Corporate and Self Service BI patterns and practices at play at your organization, as well as any conflicting stakeholder expectations that may pose a risk to deployment.  Learn how capabilities map to current use cases and how Power BI compares to other leading tools.

Who should be involved in deployment and governance efforts and how?

Define. Learn about the ideal structure of teams developing and supporting Power BI reporting, and their associated responsibilities.  Identify concurrent deployment modes emerging at your organization and understand how to structure a process that leverages broad interests of all stakeholders involved in analytical reporting.

What should we account for to ensure deployment is successful?

Measure. Distinguish the most important criteria to ensure business value is grasped by using Power BI.  Learn how to measure success and maintain deployment cycles aligned to these factors.

Which Power BI features must be enabled to ease deployment, and how should they be configured?

Manage. Learn how Power BI features can be used for each of the roles and processes defined.  Understand how to take advantage of capabilities to monitor usage and effectively administer the environment.


  • Discover and gain an understanding of Corporate and Self Service BI patterns
  • Define the structure of teams who support Power BI work
  • Measure usage adoption to ensure ROI on the Power BI implementation
  • Configure Power BI features to support administration, governance, and collaboration


  • Take full advantage of Power BI through BlueGranite's advisory services
  • Consulting engagement typically lasts 1-3 months, depending on needs
  • Gain an understanding of Power BI features that may be of value to your organization
  • Funding available for qualified clients

Want to learn more about BlueGranite's Power BI Services?

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  • Evaluate hospital inpatient admissions and discharge data to reveal what’s driving costs.

  • View past performance to gain insight into how discounts improved overall sales.


  • Documenting your Analysis Service Tabular model doesn't have to be tedious with Dynamic Management Views. 

  • View powerful ad hoc analytics derived from marketing campaign data

  • Learn why it's important to bring data together and create visualizations that are easy to understand.