Modern Data Platform

Cloud scale approach to data lakes and data warehousing

Build a solid foundation for digital transformation - uncover and harness the value of data, satisfy the needs of the business for data availability, and drive insights that deliver business outcomes.

Enabling Modern Analytics Capabilities


Data Variety


Enable the storage and processing of all data, regardless of format, medium, or source. Respond to rapidly changing business needs with a flexible data analytics platform that quickly incorporates new systems and capabilities.

Data Scale


The ability to store and analyze data that stretches traditional limits is the foundation of a solid cloud scale analytics initiative. Modern data platforms support exponential data growth without capital investment.

Data Value


Technology – when deployed effectively – is a critical lever in improving business function. Skillfully integrating today’s AI and BI capabilities with unfettered access to relevant data sources enables organizations to reach new heights.

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Data Lakes in a Modern Data Architecture

Big data means something different to everyone. Every organization has data, and in many cases, it is larger, more variable, or more complex than most reporting platforms and teams can handle.

The challenges companies face include integrating, managing, and distributing their data to those who need it. Organizations have tried many innovative ways to solve these challenges. However, as more people in a company want to take advantage of more data, principals are challenged with delivering solutions.

Check out these proven techniques to quickly and easily deliver data insights to your users.

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  • Introduction of Data Lakes and the Modern Data Architecture
  • Ways in which Data Lakes are different than Data Warehouses
  • Specific functions of a Data Lake in an analytics-driven organization
  • Modern Data Architectures diagram and technical layers
  • Considerations for using the Cloud for your Data Lake environment


Regional Water Distribution System Enables Real-Time Analytics

Clean water – it’s essential to human health and the health of the planet. Radical and rapid technology changes required this water authority to maintain vigilance against potential vulnerabilities in its system. To that end, the utility brought inBlueGraniteto build a revolutionary modern data platformthat transforms security infrastructure,and furthersadvanced analysismachine learning, andequipment-monitoring capabilities. 



Nonprofit Reinvents Outreach with 360-Degree View of Donors

A Midwestern-based nonprofit is committed to continue meeting the needs of those it serves far into the future. The organization recently launched an effort to digitally transform its operations. By leveraging existing and new donor and promotions data, the nonprofit is reinventing its outreach. With the help of BlueGranite, it’s creating a 360-degree view; an enhanced picture of its contributors, supporters, and efforts that will help refine and target marketing, making the most of every dollar donated.



Healthcare Provider Uncovers New Insights in Patient Care

With the goal of improving health outcomes, a leading healthcare provider in the Southeast enlisted BlueGranite to assist in building a cloud-accessible data lake that enables it to process both structured and unstructured data; deepening research insights; informing customized patient treatment plans, and potentially saving lives.



Build a Foundation for Analytics at Scale

Are you looking to modernize your data management capabilities using the latest cloud technologies from Microsoft?
The BlueGranite Catalyst is our proven approach - featuring eight core pillars that guide your journey with expert support from BlueGranite. Click here to learn more!


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Catalyst for MDP Highlights:

  • Build a foundation for all data using our proven approach
  • Migrate and modernize your traditional data warehouse solutions using Microsoft Azure
  • Light up modern BI capabilities, serving the needs of data consumers across the organization
  • Enable AI and machine learning for digital transformation initiatives
  • Includes workshops, architecture design, QuickStart pilot, data ingestion and modeling, user adoption, and more!