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Deploying Power BI for enterprise and self-service BI at scale

Today's business leaders and their teams need access to a robust corporate and self-service BI platform and solutions to keep up with the pace of change.

Delivering Value Across the Organization


Data Analytics

Speed & Agility

Drive user satisfaction and a consistent experience through a modern platform using Microsoft Power BI and Azure. Expert deployment enables business to spend less time wrangling data and more time analyzing information, speeding time to insights.

Data Governance

Quality & Performance

Implement guidance that promotes data security and data quality, together with curated measures and calculations. High-performing queries and interactive analytics promote innovation over any data – from real-time streaming datasets to traditional line-of-business sources.

Data Innovation

Actionable Insights

Businesses that innovate with analytics are the highest performers in their respective industries. Enable your analysts and savvy business users to take BI beyond traditional slice-and-dice with new machine learning and AI capabilities within Microsoft Azure and Power BI.



To make an impact with their audiences, businesses need to be able to take the mountains of data they generate and glean timely, efficient insights from them. But with overloaded IT departments and other obstacles, like budgets and security, this is easier said than done.

While self-service BI tools allow companies to make better use of this previously unused data, implementing a successful program takes much more than selecting a tool set and giving it to users. The fact is, many companies struggle when implementing a self-service BI program, and some even fail.

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Inside this free eBook you’ll learn:

  • The top 6 challenges to implementing a successful self-service BI program, and ways to overcome them
  • Tips for putting together your self-service BI team to ensure your program’s success
  • Tips for establishing a training program your casual and powers users and IT will love
  • How managed services can make your self-service even more successful

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Is your organization deploying Power BI? Learn from our experts with an overview of Power BI deployment and adoption strategies.


Featured Article

A Tour of Artificial Intelligence Features in Power BI

Power BI is much more than a visualization tool – it is a mature, modern, enterprise BI platform that now supports artificial intelligence (AI). The goal of this article is to provide a consolidated overview of AI and machine learning (ML) capabilities currently available across the Power BI platform. We'll explore Key Influencers, Q&A Visual, Decomposition Tree, Cognitive Services, and
Auto ML integration.

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  • Key Influencers - a great visual to use when you want to take the guesswork out of analyzing the drivers behind a condition or metric
  • Decomposition Tree - a highly interactive visual that allows you to decompose (break down) a measure by various attributes across different dimensions
  • AutoML - a feature of Power BI Dataflows that enables users to create, train, and invoke machine learning models
  • And more!


Power BI First Step in Advancing Healthcare Claims Analytics

A leading U.S. healthcare payor – whose tens of thousands of employees serve millions of members – is transforming business by embracing a nimble, elastic modern data architecture. The organization is now looking toward the future, recently launching an initiative to consolidate and modernize its data platform and analytics tools. In order to reap the benefits of a single, enterprise-wide data repository and robust new capabilities, it selected a Microsoft Azure and Power BI foundation.


Expert Guidance Ensures Seamless Power BI Deployment

A worldwide chemical manufacturer wanted to offer its business users an alternative to what some here saw as the limited capabilities of its historical business intelligence platform. The company chose Microsoft’s user-friendly Power BI for its rapid, rich data insights – on-premise and in the cloud – as well as its speed, scalability, and ease of use and integration with existing tools.


Regional Health System to Converge Analytics Silos Using Power BI

When a well-known Southeastern U.S. surgeon and community health champion advocated for a public hospital over 100 years ago, they likely had no idea it would grow to be one of its region’s largest health systems. Built on a foundation of excellence in care, the regional health provider’s more than 700 physicians and 9,000 employees offer broad-ranging services to people across two states. Though it is a government subdivision of the state in which it was founded, the health system is self-funded – meaning it receives no tax dollars. It must continually seek innovative ways to deliver superior healthcare while minimizing costs.




The above report displays the results of a real-world, predictive analytics and machine learning scenario within a healthcare organization. Its audience is the HR department and upper level management. These two groups will use this report to understand employee flight risk data and to uncover patterns at both a high level and a detailed, employee population level. In this model, high risk employees are considered likely to leave the organization.

Power BI Showcase

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  • This report is designed to lead HR and management users through data analysis to discover who among employees is likely to leave, from where, and why.
  • Armed with this information, users can take steps to reduce flight risk and retain employees.
  • Buttons, Bookmarks, and Drillthrough filters make the report interactive.
  • DAX is used behind the scenes to create Dynamic titles and to create measures that display data in an easily digestible way.
  • To get the full experience, view it in full-screen mode by clicking the double-sided arrow in the bottom right corner of the pane.

Accelerate Adoption of Microsoft Power BI

The BlueGranite Catalyst for Power BI Adoption features our “think big, start small” philosophy, with an approach tailored to meet the needs of your organization. We built our engagement model on expertise gained helping more than 100 organizations adopt Power BI as a powerful, collaborative tool for both enterprise and self-service BI capabilities.



QuickStart & Planning

Uncover value, align the team, build the business case for Power BI deployment and government, starting with an on-site discovery and planning session to collaboratively develop a customized Power BI Adoption strategy for your organization.


Deployment & Adoption

Make it real! Transitioning from strategy to execution, BlueGranite will partner with business and IT stakeholders on deployment and adoption, from Power BI architecture and security to production solutions for priority use cases.


Support & Enhance

To help your organization fully realize the value of a modern BI deployment, BlueGranite provides on-going support for training, report enhancements, report development, model creation and tuning, helping monitor adoption and results.

Catalyst for Modern BI

Microsoft Power BI Deployment and Adoption

Harness BlueGranite’s expertise leveraging advances in data and analytics technology to spur Digital Transformation. With our Catalyst for Modern BI, BlueGranite will help you get the most out of your Power BI investment, accelerating time to value with our proven approach and our team of experienced consultants.

BlueGranite will drive adoption across the enterprise, implementing best practices for governance, and deployment that sets you up for lasting success. Below are the eight pillars that outline BlueGranite's Catalyst for Modern BI. Interested in learning more? Click here to schedule a call with one of our specialists.


Interested in exploring how the BlueGranite Catalyst for Modern BI might help your organization deploy and adopt Power BI?

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  • Discover and gain an understanding of Corporate and Self-Service BI patterns
  • Define the structure of teams who support Power BI work
  • Drive impact quickly using iterative QuickStarts that feature high value uses cases defined by the business
  • Empower team members across both business and I.T. to do more with the industry leading BI platform
  • Measure usage adoption to ensure ROI on the Power BI implementation
  • Configure Power BI features to support administration, governance, and collaboration