Modern Analytics in Healthcare eBook

Find out how deploying an analytics suite can help healthcare providers leverage data for valuable insights.

Quality data is the best business plan.

Health analytics efforts require scarce organizational resources that must be allocated to initiatives based on both cost and health outcomes. When we have a specific problem that is known to be solvable, the right approach to affecting real-world outcomes, streamlined decision processes, and robust, competitive funding practices, then our health analytics investments will more often yield the positive results for our patients and our communities that they promise.

Value-based care models can be develped faster and more efficiently, helping use analytics to reduce cost. Through Microsoft’s rich ecosystem of advanced data analytic tools and technologies, healthcare organizations are provided digital transformation opportunities to help control healthcare costs and improve patient care outcomes.

In our Modern Analytics in Healthcare eBook, the BlueGranite team has outlined our tips for creating a single source of truth in your healthcare analytics journey.

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Features of Modern Analytics

  • Build a foundation for all data.
  • Uncover value, align the team, build the business case, evaluate and minimize risk.
  • Identify challenges and/or opportunities that are the most urgent and/or valuable to tackle.
  • Determine challenges root causes and uncover the business and technical capabilities needed to address them.
  • Work across departments and teams to enable the adoption, build, and deployment reports needed.
  • Migrate and modernize your traditional data warehouse solutions using Microsoft Azure.
  • Light up modern BI capabilities, serving the needs of data consumers across the organization.
  • Enable AI and machine learning for digital transformation initiatives.