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Medical Device Manufacturer Masters Sales Data with Azure-driven Power BI Build

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The designs of a global medical equipment manufacturer have been saving lives for more than 100 years. Headquartered in the Great Lakes region, the company’s more than 30,000 employees span the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Dedication to improving healthcare, coupled with constant innovation, keeps this company at the top of its industry in more than 100 countries. As part of its commitment to advancement, the company is digitally transforming its business, incorporating technology into every facet, and it’s partnering with BlueGranite at different stages throughout the journey.


This particular equipment sales division, one of this company’s largest, relied on the enterprise’s data warehouse and its cube reports to guide success. But the flat, labor-intensive daily reports, delivered via email, offered no self-service user interactivity.

The company needed a way to master its sales data and mine opportunities; whether to gain rapid insight, or to dig into the details of its customers, products, wins, and losses. Department leaders also needed the ability to securely access data in a unique way – to log in as individual sales managers and view reports from singular perspectives. These prerequisites required a solution built on a rock-solid security model, but one that was flexible and dynamic enough to allow employees at every level to easily access information specific to their roles.

BlueGranite designed an Azure-based pipeline to transport data to Power BI and built a strong behind-the-scenes security solution that allows for elastic, but secure user relationships.


BlueGranite’s build offers agile data analysis with rich reporting, easy data transformation, manipulation, and visualization. Dataset refreshes were previously scheduled – meaning the first release of the morning could hit before the data load process completed, or hours after. Accurate data is now almost instantly available to the users who rely on it, as is the ability to slice and dice visualizations.


As part of its mammoth multiyear enterprise project, the organization brought BlueGranite onboard to design an Azure-driven Power BI experience unique to one of its many equipment sales divisions. The outcome? Whether in the office, on the road or with a client, users across the sales team now have instant access to deep data. They’re using these rich, rapid commercial insights to transform business, drive sales, and exceed client expectations.

BlueGranite helped secure the sales team’s data; Azure and Power BI are helping users master it. The company’s skilled internal team built front-end reporting on top of BlueGranite’s back-end security model – putting instant, detailed sales pipeline access directly in the hands of the sales team. Having almost instant access to wealth of data – sales stats, purchasers, product lines, and opportunities – is a game-changer, both for salespeople and the staff that lead them. Visually rich, holistic business views are revolutionizing this medical manufacturer’s sales. The widely used, secure reports, coupled with widespread, rapid Power BI adoption by the company’s users, are driving this solution’s success.

Rapid access to important information helps drive successful business decisions. BlueGranite can give your organization secure access to relevant data on the go. Contact us today to learn more.


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