Managed Services

Get the most out of your technology investments

How will your organization take advantage of BlueGranite's Managed Services?

It's up to you! Depending on your needs, BlueGranite's Managed Services team can help you get through a backlog of data, utilize professional service time, implement new technologies, and more. With this monthly service, our team will work with you to enhance and improve your existing BI, data warehouse, and analytics solutions.

When working with the Managed Services team, you will gain access to services such as architecture and planning to enhance and extend your BI/DW analytics solutions, as well as quick response times for business and IT needs. Finally, your team will get assistance with solution development targeted at SQL Server, data staging, data warehouse tables, etc., and last but not least, core support for recurring monthly analyst and business user data needs.

What level of team members will be available to me?

The Managed Services team is made up of BI/Data Warehouse Architects, Senior Consultants, and Staff Consultants. Available every day, the team will be there to help with any immediate needs as well as support your continued growth and development. At BlueGranite, clients come first by putting values on teamwork, commitment, and integrity with every project. These principals enable us to deliver on promises and go above and beyond to meet your ever-changing needs. 

Service goals

  • Assess your current data warehouse environment and plan for future growth
  • Enhance and improve your BI, data warehouse, and analytics solutions
  • Evaluate and address issues causing pain to your business
  • Provide fast and effective service to solve immediate business and IT needs


  • Annual agreement with a fixed rate and monthly billing cycle
  • Hours are allocated based on need and guided by a custom recommendation plan 
  • Possible solutions include but are not limited to SQL 2016/APS, Azure SQL DW/HDI, Plant Data Marts, and Data Streaming
  • Team members are available from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday

Want to learn more about how the Managed Services team can help?