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Building an AI Strategy for Business

Incorporating AI into your business’ operations will soon become not just a way to stay ahead of your competitors, but a way to remain relevant among them.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been one of the top industry buzzwords in recent years. Many organizations – in business and academia – see it as a disruptive force that will change the way the world operates. While some businesses may be hesitant to take the leap into AI, and others may not know where to start with it, it is highly likely that every company will have to adapt to this modern way of operations in the future.

This whitepaper aims to help business leaders get started with AI and think about their own AI strategies.



  • AI strategy components
  • Where and how to get started with AI

  • Gaining a competitive advantage

  • Use cases and examples of how AI is impacting businesses



Predictive Analysis Enables Proactive Brain and Spine Treatment, Improving Pediatric Outcomes

Data science – at the intersection of revolutionary medicine and technology – is transforming healthcare. BlueGranite’s team is at the forefront of this innovation. Collaborating with a noted pediatric neurosurgeon, whose expertise spans hydrocephalus, congenital disorders, cranial tumors, and epilepsy in children, our data scientists designed a machine learning analysis model to predict intracranial pressure spikes far enough in advance to allow time-critical therapeutic intervention.


Playing Matchmaker: Pairing People with Accessible Careers using Microsoft AI Services

For people with disabilities, finding jobs with understanding, accommodating employers can be a challenge. To help facilitate these opportunities, one company provides a website that connects employers with people with disabilities. In an effort to expand and automate these services, the company partnered with the Microsoft AI for Accessibility program and BlueGranite to develop an AI-driven solution with an emphasis on accessibility.


Energy Company Uncovering New Knowledge Mining Insights with Azure Search

A company that produces offshore drilling equipment with several offices and over six thousand employees worldwide has innovation and technology at its forefront. Having contracts, memos, presentations, human resource files, schematic documentation, and any other type of hard or soft copy data available at one’s fingertips is invaluable to any company in this fast-paced, digital world.


Get Started with AI for Business

What every business leader should know before starting an AI project

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are changing companies in new and fundamental ways. This fifty-minute webinar is for decision-makers wanting to better understand these transformational technologies. We will discuss how organizations can start using AI to unlock their own data for customized business solutions.

In this webinar, you will learn about what the words AI actually imply, and how it differs from other analytics-based solutions.

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  • What exactly is AI?
  • How is AI transforming companies and the economy?
  • Can my problem be solved with off-the-shelf AI or do I need to train my own?
  • My AI gives me answers, but can it tell me how it got those answers?
  • How do I ensure my AI does not discriminate against groups of people?
  • I want to use AI, but where do I begin?