Data Source Discovery with Azure Data Catalog

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This lab provides an introduction to Azure Data Catalog, which is an enterprise-wide metadata repository. Azure Data Catalog enables discovery of enterprise data assets, across platforms and tools, using familiar search functionality. Business users may search, discover, understand, enrich, and consume data sources via Azure Data Catalog, as well as contribute additional information for data sources.

In this lab, you will provision Azure Data Catalog, publish a data source, utilize search functionality to discover and explore the data, and create annotations to increase the value of the metadata. You will also explore a table of data using Power BI Desktop.

Download the lab documentation and you’ll:

  • Learn about functions and concepts related to Azure Data Catalog and Cortana Intelligence Suite
  • Learn how to provision an Azure Data Catalog
  • Learn how to discover and explore metadata
  • Learn how to annotate and enrich metadata
  • Learn how to browse data sources with Power BI Desktop

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