Introduction to Azure Machine Learning

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Consumers often evaluate similar products by specific metrics of interest to them. In the auto industry, for example, miles per gallon (mpg) is an important metric for consumers because it correlates to how much money per week it will cost to drive a car.

But how do manufacturers know what an acceptable mpg will be for the vehicle they are producing? Using advanced analytics, auto manufacturers can use vehicle attributes and mpg for similar automobiles in the market to predict what an acceptable mpg will be for their car coming off the assembly line.

In this lab, you’ll explore and visualize data in Azure Machine Learning and learn how to create a simple predictive model.

With our Intro to Azure ML lab you will:

  • Learn how to create, modify and save an experiment with ML Studio
  • Learn how to visualize and explore data in ML Studio
  • Learn how to create a basic predictive model in ML Studio

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