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BlueGranite Integrates Power BI to Effectuate Data Utilization for Insurer

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A century-old insurance company with a diverse portfolio of financial offerings prides itself on helping at a local level and building community while maintaining a national perspective. Being a leading provider in the insurance industry and keeping to the mission of serving clients as individuals, not as policies, comes with great daily challenges.

The company found itself with large stores of data – customer data, claims data, policy data, so on and so forth – and an inefficient way of gleaning insight from the data. They embarked on a large scale project to extract data from the mainframe systems and deposit it into a big data lake with an analytics visualization tool sitting on top.

The Challenge

The end goal, in keeping with the company ethos of “act local,” was to gain insight into disability claims specifically. Who are the people filing them? Where are they located? etc. The business needed an easy way to access the necessary data, its patterns, and key performance metrics in an organized manner that was business focused. In its current state, the data lake did not serve the business needs.

The data lake was originally built with technology in mind, using the latest data mining and storage methods, but lacked the critical input from the business – needed in order to structure the data into a format that was usable to the business itself.

The company faced philosophical challenges on how to properly organize the data to meet this end goal.

The Solution

With differing opinions on how to tackle the grand data lake, the company connected with BlueGranite to explore options of making the data accessible to the business. BlueGranite embarked on a discovery exercise, involving multiple sessions with the business, in order to uncover the mechanisms which make the business run, how data is perceived, how data is utilized and how it is viewed. The answers and findings in these “model storming” sessions became the clues to the data model.

BlueGranite developed a cloud-based dimensional data warehouse based upon the needs of the business and structured it in a functional manner that suited the processes and procedures followed by the business and aligned with the everyday data requests. Microsoft Power BI was laid on top of these functional dimensional data areas and sample reports were delivered to the customer to showcase the power of the newly built data warehouse.


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The Results

BlueGranite’s deep dive into the business outside of technology ensured that the resulting data platform served the distinct needs of the business. Proving once again that in a technology project that involves data, the business is and always should be the origin and the focal point of the solution.

The delivered solution enabled the business to:

  • Perform data analysis in a manner that suited and was understood by the business
  • Bypass the large data lake and focus on functional data areas

The delivered solution empowered the company’s IT department to:

  • Overcome the logjam of structuring data
  • Overhaul the data lake to mirror the successful structures in the data warehouse

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