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Insurer Develops Detailed Customer Portrait with Dynamic New BI Platform


Company Overview & Challenge

Providing excellent customer service to its massive membership is the top priority for a major Midwestern-based insurance and travel-related firm. With close to 100 offices throughout the United States, each offering multiple services, keeping abreast of more than a million customers’ needs is crucial to this company’s success. Knowing who those customers are — members or people only buying ad-hoc services — and what they need, also boosts profits.

But the company’s IT leaders knew maintaining success would become increasingly difficult as users grappled with a complicated, outdated reporting system. The obsolete platform included over 1,000 Excel spreadsheet reports — all pushed monthly to staff who rarely consulted them — partly because they were out of date the moment they were distributed. 

The hefty report volume required costly storage and bandwidth and the static documents left business users unable to manipulate and analyze data. Creating these reports was also a major drain on IT resources, with staff spending hours developing them.

What the company needed was a solution to provide timely information, accurate customer profiles, and to gather insights to generate additional sales and increase profits.

The Solution

Company leaders wanted a system to give business managers more insight, more control and more accountability in their decision making. They wanted to build an infrastructure to support cohesive and meaningful reporting. But they also knew this system would be meaningless unless they could successfully encourage employees to adopt the new technology. They brought BlueGranite in to help make this vision reality.

BlueGranite built and deployed a Microsoft Business Intelligence platform that incorporates a Server Data Warehouse and other tools, allowing users to create interactive data, visualization and ad-hoc reporting. BlueGranite also partnered with the company’s IT department to hold workshops to teach staff how to interact with data and create the reports they need.

The Results

Ultimately, at least 500 of the company’s more than 1,500 employees will be trained and active in the new BI platform. The innovative system, coupled with training, allows users to easily gather and share real-time information. Besides fostering an analytics-on-demand culture, the system has given the company deeper insight into its member customers, the bulk of its business.

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