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Healthcare System Improves Marketing ROI with Advanced Insights

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One Midwestern healthcare system has grown by leaps and bounds since embarking on a 1990s expansion, transforming from a traditional, single-site academic medical center into a broad-based regional healthcare system. It’s now one of the nation’s leading healthcare providers, comprised of:

  • Nearly 20 hospitals
  • Over 3,000 registered beds
  • Almost 50 health centers
  • And several medical practices 

In total, the healthcare system now serves more than 1.2 million individual patients. 

The Challenge

While the system’s rapid expansion has allowed it to provide quality care to more patients than ever, this growth also posed a challenge for the marketing team: many patients were not aware of the numerous providers, locations, and services the healthcare system offered. 

As the marketing team worked hard to raise patient awareness, they realized they didn’t have the necessary modern reporting tools to gauge the success of their efforts. Chiefly, the team needed to be able to demonstrate a return on investment for their marketing campaigns. 

The Solution

The healthcare system had previously partnered with BlueGranite to design an enterprise data warehouse. The creation of the data warehouse provided an integrated, holistic view of each patient by combining:

  • United medical records
  • Insurance information
  • Patient preferences
  • And more, all under one roof

Hoping to build off the benefits of that initial solution, the marketing team reached out to BlueGranite again. This time, they wanted to build a data mart with reports and dashboards that would aggregate, summarize, and restructure promotional information from the enterprise data warehouse design. Through a suite of solutions, BlueGranite was able to achieve this outcome:

  • Data mart: This subject-oriented database combines information from the healthcare system’s enterprise data warehouse with sources specific to the marketing department, such as statistics from their calling system and online ad campaign data.
  • Microsoft SQL Server: The relational database management system supports the marketing department’s analytics operations.
  • Integration Services: This data warehousing tool extracts, transforms and loads data.
  • Master Data Services: The data management tool is used to tie campaigns and marketing touches (a call or a click online) to appointments, claims, and charges by relating CPT codes, procedures, diagnoses, locations, and departments to each campaign.
  • Power BI: The visually rich suite of business analytics tools allows dynamic dashboards and vibrant reports.

All together, these tools provided the marketing team with the insights and reporting to track measurable outcomes for their marketing efforts.


The Results

Using Microsoft’s innovative tools, BlueGranite empowered this marketing team to understand previously undefined patient segments and effectively respond to their needs. The new data mart and reporting system: 

  • Provides patient and revenue information surrounding campaigns
  • Tracks how many appointments are scheduled and kept based on each campaign
  • Logs the number of claims and revenue generated from each campaign
  • Traces which locations benefit from each campaign based on where patients schedule the most appointments or have the most encounters (scheduled or unscheduled) and which locations bring in the most revenue.

In addition to giving the marketing team profound insight into its efforts, the enterprise data warehouse and data mart capabilities allowed the creation of deduplicated contact lists that can serve as the foundation for future outbound promotional tactics. Knowing who to target, and with what information, will help shape future marketing campaigns and outbound strategies. 

The best part? Now that this marketing team can concretely measure its efforts, stakeholders are discovering just how successful some campaigns truly are. Based on the results from this data mart and the ability to finally show the success of its marketing campaigns, the marketing department’s budget was significantly increased for the coming year. 

From taking advantage of missed revenue opportunities to tracking patient outcomes, this cutting-edge customer intelligence hub opens up a world of possibility. Contact BlueGranite today to learn more about how we can help harness the potential of your data.


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