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Healthcare Manufacturer Boosts Power BI Adoption & Efficiency



A Great Lakes-based over-the-counter drug maker employs more than 10,000 people globally. Since 2005, the public company has made more than a dozen major acquisitions, growing net sales to nearly $5 billion in 2018. While these acquisitions have been great for the bottom line, they have also ushered in operational challenges. As the company brought on new businesses, different internal branches developed or maintained their own processes. As a consequence, the company’s understanding and use of Power BI suffered. 

The Challenge

The problem was revealed when the healthcare manufacturer’s IT department found itself spending disproportionate time responding to Power BI platform help requests. The bulk of these requests involved basic Power BI features and issues navigating organically-grown platform disorganization.

The IT team wanted to enable the company’s Power BI users with skills to master the platform and maximize insights. It was time to go back to the drawing board and develop strategies for company-wide adoption.

The Solution

The company decided to partner with BlueGranite to solve their Power BI adoption challenges. The engagement began with a weeks-long discovery period to uncover the origin of the adoption hurdles. These were the findings:

  1. Although Power BI had been in place for a while, it was instituted without adoption standards, leading to:
    • Uneven adoption
    • Reporting backlog
    • Redundancies, e.g. the same report getting reproduced in different ways across departments. 
  2. User efficiency was impeded by legacy nonstandard configurations of the self-service analytics tool.
  3. Users and IT had moderate levels of experience with the platform, but little experience in maintaining it for a large user base.

With these findings in mind, BlueGranite put together a six month tactical plan that would:

  • Streamline configuration
  • Engage teams enterprise-wide
  • Initiate cross-department collaboration
  • And break down barriers between business users and IT


Technical Solutions
BlueGranite first addressed technical hurdles by eliminating legacy issues and empowering IT to maintain operational improvements moving forward. BlueGranite also developed custom reports, giving IT insight into platform health and user activity. 

Process Solutions
When BlueGranite arrived, each department used Power BI in whatever way suited them. The resulting disparate processes hindered collaboration across departments and created inefficiencies. To overcome these obstacles, BlueGranite:

  1. Uncovered common challenges across teams.
  2. Helped the teams synthesize the best, most flexible use of Power BI to solve their problems.
  3. Identified and worked closely with power users who would continue working across departments to further collaboration.

Training Solutions
Finally, BlueGranite focused on training end-users. In total, they delivered hundreds of hours of instruction across more than 40 departments, both in the U.S. and internationally. BlueGranite tailored instruction to the users’ experience and specific role in business data analysis. They also offered one-on-one, on-site, and virtual laboratory sessions giving users targeted, expert Power BI help for their greatest platform challenges.

The Results

Streamlined Power BI management and adoption across an enterprise does much more than build the bottom line – for this manufacturer, it enabled:

  • Standardized processes to eliminate redundancies and boost interdepartmental cooperation
  • Better, faster insights for every user, driving more strategic decision-making
  • Less support pressure on IT, giving them more time to plan for the future of Power BI
  • Maximized value on Power BI investment
  • Overall organizational alignment and cooperation across thousands of employees

Power BI can deliver fast, actionable insights to drive business transformation, but the key to unlocking its rich potential lies in strategic deployment and governance. To discover how BlueGranite can accelerate Power BI deployment and adoption for your enterprise, contact us today.


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