Health and Life Sciences
Scaling Genomic Analyses in Azure

Insights to Outcomes Webinar Series hosted by BlueGranite

Date: August 26, 2020  |  Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST

If you work at a hospital, research lab, biotech company, or pharmaceutical company, data is a gold mine for new clinical insights, understanding disease, or discovering the next life-saving drug.

Whether it is for long term planning purposes in healthcare administration or short-term response to crises like COVID-19, the opportunity to gain insights and improve outcomes, thanks to data, has never been greater.

To begin a new series of webinars on opportunities for using data in healthcare and life sciences, BlueGranite invites you to learn more about scaling genomics analyses in Azure.


For this session, we will look at services in Azure for performing analysis in the realms of bioinformatics, genomics, and computational biology. We'll showcase the simplicity of transitioning from traditional analytics on local computing environment to cloud-based platforms and data storage capabilities using data lakes. In addition, we will demo new tools such as the Databricks Runtime for Genomics and the Glow package in Apache Spark for more scalable analysis of genetic data.

As the size of data continues to grow from increase whole genome sequencing and the integration of phenotypic and clinical information, the Azure cloud will become the obvious choice for data storage and analytics scalability.

Session Agenda

  • Overview of cloud data architectures for -omics data and clinical data analytics

  • Cover how to use genomics tools in Azure

  • Understand where Modern Data Platforms and Business Intelligence tools can help glean insights from an overwhelming amount of data

  • Discuss other opportunities for life science projects that could get started today

  • Question and Answers


Eric Wozniak - VP Industry & Healthcare Lead
Eric WozniakEric is an IT consulting professional with a passion for data and analytics. He helps clients envision solutions that improve the management, production, and delivery of information and insights to improve business outcomes. With a background in software development and project delivery, Eric brings a practitioner's eye to his role in sales and management at BlueGranite. Eric's specialties include business analysis, data analysis, user experience design, business intelligence solutions, and solution selling.

Colby T. Ford, Ph.D. - AI Solution Architect
colby-fordDr. Colby Ford is a Data Scientist at BlueGranite. Coming from a background in mathematics, statistics, and computational biology, he combines this expertise to bring AI to everyone. Using R and Python, he puts Machine Learning to work to gain insight from data. Outside of BlueGranite, Colby is an avid genomics researcher. Check out Colby’s website at



  • Highlight how researchers can use Azure services to scale their genomics analyses
  • Share opportunities for healthcare and life science groups to get started quickly with cloud-based analytics
  • Discuss the current state of using health data in the cloud
  • Provide live Q&A to get your questions answered

 SESSION Details

  • August 26, 2020 at 11am-12pm EST
  • Overview of cloud data architectures and services in Azure for performing analysis in the realms of bioinformatics, genomics, and computational biology