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Digital Transformation in Financial Services


Customer 360


Maximize your customer retention by predicting customer churn. Leverage a full-circle behavioral view of the consumer to drive relevant, contextual offers and recommendations. BlueGranite can enhance reporting, provide managers with a list of clients to target with retention efforts, and identify former prospects to work to win back. These crucial insights maximize customer preservation and accurately pinpoint marketing efforts.

Personalized Marketing

Cross-sell / Up-sell

Create personalized marketing campaigns to build brand recognition and speak to individual target audiences. Drive brand promotion and improve customer experience using Machine Learning and artificial intelligence. Benefits of this type of modern marketing approach include increased open rates, and page views, as well as shorter sales cycle times and lower overall marketing costs.

Risk Management

Data Availability

Unify data from across legacy applications and deploy mission-critical compute power to respond faster and more accurately to changing markets. Create long-term data views and manage holdings risk based on history, rather than relying on intuition coupled with scant data. Expand investment options and opportunities, including the increased ability to invest in emerging markets.

Featured Case Study


As the asset administration branch of a large insurer, a privately owned investment oversight group has undergone several periods of growth over the years, but possibly none more massive and rapid than that of the past decade. Its latest series of rapid acquisitions burdened the business with multiple data source systems. That made easy access to combined and consistent data a struggle.

This wealth management subsidiary needed a streamlined, efficient way to access and analyze information vital to its success. It knew that required giving its strategy and risk group clear insight into what investment tactics were working, and why. It brought BlueGranite in to help achieve this visibility goal. The blood, sweat and tears of the project included merging and cleansing data from the group’s numerous resources.




  • The wealth manager’s source system data is staged and modeled into data marts, using SQL Server, to create a single source of truth (consistent, reliable unduplicated data) for users.
  • Our modularized and systematic ETL data integration solution extracts, transforms, and loads data into data marts, fostering easy administration and maintenance.
  • Newly developed SQL Server Analysis Services tabular models facilitate data consistency while allowing the use of multiple visualization tools for reporting.


Explore insightful blog posts from the BlueGranite team covering banking, insurance, and capital markets topics and scenarios.


Universal Insurer Looks at Speed and Flexibility of Cloud BI Platform

Clients prize a global insurance giant for its custom coverage, product diversity, and worldwide presence. Specialized offerings in multiple markets have cemented the company’s foothold as an industry trailblazer. When leaders here wanted to increase service speed and agility, they explored the possibility of expanding their business intelligence platform to the cloud.


Financial Services Firm Improves Data Governance with Power BI

Accuracy is crucial when it comes to managing money – especially when tackling hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenues. A U.S.-based financial services powerhouse monitors its money and operations with precision, but the complex process was recently on the verge of becoming a major headache. The company’s services division handles all efforts from the consumer banking department, including checking, loans, and wire transfers. To better understand the function and performance of each department under its umbrella, the services division was tracking over 600 metrics manually every month. As the company grew, so did the data – adding more complexity.


Savings from First Self-Service BI Project Spur Other Cost-Cutting Studies

Waiting on developers for crucial business insights can be costly. That’s why the internal spending and accounting division of a U.S.- based insurance trailblazer decided to take matters into its own hands. The forward-thinking group made the decision to step off the reporting treadmill – that endless cycle of business users asking developers for reporting revisions, waiting weeks for request fulfillment, then starting the cycle over by asking for additional changes. In the process of forging a new path, it discovered major savings.




Learn about the value of predicting customer churn rates with historical data

In today's competitive market, maintaining a high customer retention rate is critical to success. Understanding when a customer may be at risk of breaking ties with your organization can help you take a more targeted approach to relationship management, effectively plan for potential financial impact, and even prevent the loss of customers in the first place.

Using the right tools, analyzing historical data from previous and existing clients, it is possible to proactively plan for customer churn. In the following webinar recording, we demonstrate the value of customer churn prediction, and discuss how to accurately predict which customers are likely to turn over.




  • Discuss industry use cases for customer churn in banking and more
  • Learn how to utilize historic customer data for use in the churn prediction
  • Understand how to identify the root causes of churn and potentially prevent loss of customers


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