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Power BI Office Hours

In our next session we will demonstrate new features in Power BI, as well as discuss use cases and how you might be able to apply them within your organization. In addition to discussing the newest Power BI release, we will feature a Live Q&A segment where we address your questions on the air.

Tableau Event 150x150

Intro to Power BI for Tableau Users

During this 6-hour, online session, BlueGranite's team of Power BI professionals will help attendees understand how to accomplish common patterns and tasks in Power BI that they currently do in Tableau. Attendees will receive expert-led guidance through a complete set of hands-on labs and training modules.

AI in a Day

AI in a Day with Power BI

This 2-hour webinar passes quickly as we give rapid-fire demos on the many Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning features within Power BI. The event extends our popular “Dashboard in a Day” training to showcase how your organization can immediately start leveraging the free and premium-enabled AI capabilities of Power BI.

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Intro to DAX

In this webinar, we’ll give you an introduction into DAX from the ground up. We’ll talk about what DAX is, why you need it, and what it can do. We’ll cover topics such as Evaluation Context, CALCULATE, Time Intelligence, and others. And like our monthly Power BI Office Hours sessions, we’ll leave time for your specific questions and use cases.