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power bi office hours

Power BI Office Hours

In each session we will demonstrate new features in Power BI, as well as discuss use cases and how you might be able to apply them within your organization. In addition to discussing the newest Power BI release, we will feature a "stump the expert" segment where we address your questions on the air.


Modern Data Platform: Vision and Strategy

This session explores different aspects of a Modern Data Platform including how the cloud has changed the way technology enables businesses to function, and why an enterprise’s core data platform is the key to surviving and thriving in almost any economic climate.


Modern BI: Deployment Approach

BlueGranite invites you to explore the advantages of modern, cloud-first analytics in your organization. You'll learn about the business impact of unifying corporate and team or departmental initiatives, cloud-scale analytics and performance, and how to reduce costs in a cloud-first deployment.


State and Local Government: Managing Smart City Data

City, county, and state governments across the country are increasing their use of data to inform decisions. For this session, we will look at data from the US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. As municipalities across the country work to find solutions for remote teaching, data can help inform technology and internet access is lowest.


Manufacturing: Predictive Maintenance

Join us October 6th as we will delve deeper into the use cases and importance of Predictive Maintenance in manufacturing. We’ll demonstrate how to construct an end-to-end Predictive Maintenance model using Azure Databricks and ML libraries, and we just might show you how Predictive Maintenance enables you to be your very own action hero!

AI in a Day

AI in a Day with Power BI

This 2-hour AI in a Day with Power BI online educational event will extend the analytics story from Power BI Dashboard in a Day to demonstrate the free and premium-enabled Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Power BI features. Our goal with this session is to help you understand how organizations can get started with AI using powerful features in Microsoft Power BI.

Power BI Dashboard in a Day

Power BI Dashboard In A Day

Join BlueGranite's team for a complimentary 2-hour online event covering the basic capabilities of Power BI. The goal of this informational session is to help you understand how to analyze your data in a rich and compelling way. All attendees will receive hands-on lab with recorded videos for instruction.


Retail: Increasing Customer Loyalty through Text Analytics

In this webinar, we will explore cutting edge techniques using Microsoft’s Azure Cognitive Services to analyze customer feedback. Then we will walk you through some specific steps you can follow take the insights from your Text Analytics solution to produce world class customer experiences that reduce churn and increase customer loyalty.


Banking: Loan Risk Analysis using Machine Learning

When it comes to personal loans, failure is an option. For many financial organizations, this is a serious cost of doing business. According to the Wall Street Journal, private default rates rose in the last quarter to a worrisome 8.1%. Thanks to modern AI, default expenses can be reduced by improved loan risk analysis to predict the likelihood a loan will default.