Envisioning Session for Retail Promotions Effectiveness

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Promotions raise customer awareness of a product or brand, generating sales, and creating brand loyalty. A great promotion can help you increase sales, gain acceptance for a new product, create brand equity, and more.  Analyzing the effectiveness of promotions can help you answer key questions, such as:

  • Is my promotion generating new or repeat customers?  Are we losing customers?
  • Are customers actually ordering more product, or just stockpiling?
  • Are other non-promotional products being bought along with the product in the promotion?

Questions like these help you analyze the pre-promotion to post-promotion actions by your customers. BlueGranite can work with your team over a 3-day time period to help envision what a solution for promotions effectiveness would look like in your organization.  

We'll also include a free custom demo using your data, to help show you and your key stakeholders what a working solution would actually look like.

As part of our free, limited time offer for qualifying customers, you’ll receive:

  • Understanding of how your team is currently analyzing the effectiness of promotions
  • Guidance on where and how to use key metrics such as net impact, stockpiling, or halo
  • Custom demo using your data with BlueGranite's model and dashboard designs for promotions
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