Power BI Premium eBook

10 Enterprise-Class Features for Modern Business Intelligence

Learn how Power BI Premium can enhance your modern business intelligence strategy

Power BI Premium can bring many value-add features to your modern business intelligence implementation that could immediately justify the cost.

In addition to its cost-effectiveness for organization-wide implementations, support for larger models, and ability to leverage third party applications, there are several features that help make this platform a winning approach for cloud-based deployments.

In our Power BI Premium eBook, our BlueGranite team has outlined the Top 10 features that we believe are critical for enterprise-class solutions for reporting and analytics with Microsoft.



  What is Power BI premium

  • Power BI Premium is a capacity-based offering that gives organizations greater flexibility to allow users to access, collaborate upon, and distribute content
  • Power BI Premium provides cloud resources that are dedicated to your organization - you control how you use those resources
  • Power BI Premium allows organizations to share reports across an enterprise without requiring recipients to be individually licensed for Power BI


  • Share content with read-only users (for free) without the need to buy Power BI Pro for individuals
  • Paginated Reports, the rebranding of SQL Reporting Services, for pixel-perfect layout and table or matrix based reporting
  • AI workloads for enrichment of data pipelines with AI functions from Microsoft Cognitive Services, AutoML, and Azure Machine Learning
  • and many more!


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