Demand Forecasting
Solution Offering

Gain an understanding of your business with predictive analytics. 

Whether it’s sales, supplies, shoppers, sickness, or the stock market, predicting the future can prove to be very beneficial in the decision-making process in your organization. Understanding the demand for tomorrow, next week, or next quarter will allow you to better plan for the events to come.


Demand forecasting uses past transactional history to predict future demand using machine learning. Accurately forecasting demand can give a company a direct competitive advantage. The better the forecasting, the better the insight. Your organization will be able to make more precise decisions around ordering, workforce planning, growth, and more.


Input Transactional Data
Quantity and quality affect the success of forecasts and recommendations.

Train the Model
Identify patterns in transactional data with predictive power.

Forecast Demand
Anticipate future demand and behavior.

Implement changes to your ordering, scheduling, or planning based on the demand forecasts.

Deploy Strategies
Adjust operational strategies according to demand forecasts and employ recommendations within the business to realize success.

Spinning up this Demand Forecasting Solution Offering in your organization is easy. When working with BlueGranite, we will utilize the power and flexibility of the Microsoft Azure cloud environment to build a forecasting solution personalized for your organization. 


  • Answer questions such as: How many? How much? When will this occur? and Is this behavior normal?
  • Based on past history, demand forecasting utilizes machine learning to predict probable future demand.
  • A multi-faceted approach at predicting the future by considering external factors like demographics, weather, and more.
  • Can be implemented on the cloud (using Microsoft Azure and the Cortana Intelligence Suite) or as an on-premise solution (using your current architecture).

Solution DETAILS

  • 3 to 4 week QuickStart performed at client's site
  • Includes data exploration, machine learning model building, results delivery, and full-scale implementation recommendations

  • Discovery topics may include prediction results delivery and discussion, Azure-based or on-premise architecture plan, and Power BI dashboard concepts
  • Funding available for qualified clients

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