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Health Check Services

Learn when, where, and how to improve your organization’s environment performance

Is your organization evaluating BI and data warehouse performance?

Maintaining a secure, high-performing, data warehouse and BI program is of the utmost importance to an organization’s success. When a system is running slowly or seems to be ineffective, it can cause a lot of pain for daily operations and become costly to maintain. Fortunately, BlueGranite experts can help you establish a baseline of how your data warehouse is performing, address the state of your BI program, and identify areas of improvement for various levels of SSAS, SSIS, SSRS, and Power BI reporting infrastructure.

What will be analyzed in the health check?

During the 3- to 5-day health check, a data warehouse and BI expert from the BlueGranite team will evaluate numerous areas of your organization's physical storage, database housing, and BI reporting tools.

We tailor our work to meet your specific needs. Possibilities include evaluations of ETL design for SSIS best practices, tabular and multidimensional modeling, performance issues, Power BI report design, and much more. BlueGranite experts formulate a detailed assessment and plan of action, then guide you through the improvement process. We review, in detail, recommendations on how to move forward, what changes to make, and best practices to adopt with you and your team.

Service GOALS

  • Discover and gain an understanding of the current state of your data warehouse and BI programs
  • Establish a roadmap for implementing successful upgrades, performance checks, and security best practices
  • Define areas of improvement and best practices to implement during future development


  • Address the health of your data warehouse and BI program through BlueGranite's advisory services
  • Access a detailed report of your firm's data warehouse environment and recommended modifications
  • Gain an understanding of data warehouse and BI features that may be of value to your organization
  • 3- to 5-day engagement depending on your needs and requirements

Data Warehouse Health Check Key to Boosting Business Intelligence Performance