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Data Management Solution Reaps Major Time Savings for Investment Firm


Company Overview & Challenge

An independent, privately-owned money management firm offers retirement and estate planning services to individuals, corporations, and nonprofits with high net worth. This investment group selects its investments based on meticulous in-house research to tailor its investment plans for every client.

The firm’s personal touch includes staying on top of every investment selection by making sure assets perform optimally and that holdings are adequately allocated. This includes creating detailed investment oversight and client meeting reports. 

Prior to the introduction of a data management solution, compiling such personalized client reports required manually integrating information from several sources prior to analyzing it. The process often took numerous hours to prepare for just one client meeting. The investment group sought a way to simplify the process. 

The Solution

BlueGranite worked with the firm to develop a new data management solution, including a data warehouse that can:

  • Integrate information from several disparate sources
  • Cleanse and standardize the data
  • Enhance the data with master data, key performance indicators, and calculations

The secure system, which ensures users only see what is necessary for their role, offers end users structured reporting views as well as ad hoc query capabilities. Information about holdings, balances, and performance is always readily available.

The solution also uses master data management capabilities to define asset targets based on the group’s meticulous research, specifying how much of a client’s wealth should be invested in a particular area. 

The Results

By integrating data from multiple systems with master data, account managers can now quickly identify which client allocations are off-target, and to what extent, so they can take appropriate action. Account managers have access to several detailed views of individual or multiple accounts. And the lengthy client meeting reports that formerly took hours? The BI system pulls them together in minutes which saves valuable preparation time.

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