Customer Data Cleansing & Deduplication PoC

QuickStart pilot engagement to demonstrate the value of cleansing and deduplicating your customer data 

How many customers do you have?  Now how many customers do you actually have after removing duplicates and bad customer data? Duplicates, missing, incorrect, and outdated customer information could be holding your firm back from maximizing profits and truly understanding your client base. In this PoC engagement, BlueGranite will demonstrate how to cleanse and deduplicate your muddled customer data using the Profisee Platform.

The value behind data cleansing & deduplication

Having disorganized customer data can cause all sorts of problems with your data and analytics analysis. Ultimately, it causes you to draw misguided conclusions from your data which leads to misinformed business decisions. Cleansing and deduplicating your customer data helps show the complete customer picture.

Data Cleanse .png

Additionally, it will allow you to standardize and enrich your data, so information is consistently populated with the correct values. You can also merge and match duplicate customer records between source systems or within the same source system, which means you will be able to see a complete history of your customers and their interactions throughout your company. When loading this data into your Data & AI projects, you will see an accurate analysis and enable better decision making at your firm.

During a 2-week PoC engagement, BlueGranite will demonstrate how the Profisee Platform can be used to cleanse and deduplicate your data. We’ll launch an Azure VM template in your tenant with the tools preconfigured and ready for use. To show the tools’ value, we’ll work with a slice of your data from 2 to 3 source systems, preferably from the same part of a hierarchy. We’ll demonstrate how to cleanse, match, and merge your customer data into Golden Records. Finally, we’ll help you to visualize your cleansed and deduplicated data using Power BI.


  • Customer information can be problematic when:
    • Information provided is incomplete or poorly typed
    • Addresses have changed, the address provided is incomplete, or address format isn’t standardized
    • Names have changed or nicknames are used
    • Phone numbers and contact information change over time
  • Duplicates can exist in the same source system or can occur across source systems
  • The Profisee Platform provides enterprise grade tools for correcting problematic customer information

Solution DETAILS

  • 2-week onsite Proof of Concept
  • Includes analysis of “data slice” from 2 to 3 data sources
  • Data will be cleansed, standardized, and enriched using 3rd party data sources
  • Data will be matched and deduplicated using fuzzy matching routines
  • Golden records will be created to be the best representative for groups of matched data
  • We’ll visualize your cleansed and deduplicated data with Power BI
  • Includes a debrief presentation and planning for future phases

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