Cloud Analytics Workshops

3-Part Workshop Series featuring Microsoft Azure and Power BI

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Is your organization moving its data and analytics solutions to the Microsoft Azure cloud?

This series of workshops will introduce Microsoft Azure and Power BI for Cloud Analytics.  Through expert-led sessions and discussions, organizations will understand how Azure and Power BI fit into an overall digital transformation strategy. Attendees will receive an overview, assessment, and a mini "kick start" proof of concept on a broad set of Microsoft technologies and tools to integrate data sources, analyze patterns, and report insights to the business.

After each workshop, your organization will be able to define a high-level plan and an implementation roadmap for data and analytics solutions in the Microsoft cloud. 

How would we secure, scale, and organize our data within the Microsoft cloud using Azure Data Lake, HDInsight, or Azure SQL Data Warehouse?

How would we configure and deploy advanced analytics solutions with Microsoft R and Azure Machine Learning?

How do we draw actionable insights and operationalize our analytics with Power BI, to help our business users create and share insights?


Workshop 1:
Unleash Potential with the
Azure Data Platform


Workshop 2:
Uncover Value with
Advanced Analytics


Workshop 3:
Unlock Insights with
Power BI

Acquire, collect, and reshape data to prepare for analytic modeling 

 Apply machine learning algorithms to generate analysis - train, score, and implement models

Create actionable reports and dashboards to boost business insight


Workshop Summary

  • Material intended for technical and business leaders
  • Location is on-site at the client's facility
  • Funding available for qualified organizations
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