Jul 15, 2015

Video: Getting Started with Azure ML

Mike Cornell Posted by Mike Cornell


When it comes to hot topics in the tech industry, you’ll likely find predictive analytics, machine learning and data science on the list.

Many companies are realizing the competitive advantage of using historical and real-time data, but these insights aren’t easily detected by just looking at a bar chart or scatter plot. In addition, implementing these data solutions comes with a unique set of challenges like:

  • The need for people with a very specific skill set
  • The high price of necessary tools
  • The models developed within these tools can’t be used across the organization

Azure’s latest machine learning release aims to solve these issues. In this video, you’ll see how it can integrate with Excel and Power BI to make actionable predictions.

You’ll learn:

  • How a self-service user might use Excel or Power BI to interact with a web service that includes a predictive model created from Azure ML
  • How to build a predictive model in Azure ML
  • How to use Excel to interact with a predictive model

Watch the video below!

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