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Aug 07, 2015

Demo Day: Update Dashboard Data with the Power BI Personal Gateway

Chris Campbell Posted by Chris Campbell

Microsoft's Power BI became generally available  recently to much fanfare. We expect to see lots of our customers adopting this technology to make deploying their analytics solutions to wide audiences easier and more impactful. update_dashboard_power_bi_personal_gateway

One of the questions that comes up often with regard to cloud-based solutions is, "How do we easily update the dashboards and reports from on-premises data?" In the past, you might have had to open a design tool on your desktop, reload the data and then republish the dashboard. Fortunately, Power BI includes a free component called the Personal Gateway.

The Power BI Personal Gateway is a service that you install on your computer that acts as a data bridge between your computer and the Power BI service.

In a recent Demo Day video, I show a method I use with Power BI to load and analyze Microsoft Azure consumption data. In this quick follow-up video, I'll show you how to refresh that dashboard with new data using the Power BI Personal Gateway.

 Watch the video below!

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Chris Campbell

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Chris Campbell

Chris is the former Chief Technology Officer at BlueGranite. He is Certified in Microsoft Business Intelligence as well as Hortonworks Hadoop Development. Chris has expertise in the architecture of modern data solutions that include big data and relational data warehouse technologies. Chris is currently a Cloud Data Architect with Microsoft in the Heartland District.

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