About The Author

Erin Phillips

Erin is a Senior Consultant at BlueGranite. She thrives on efficiency and loves helping others find ways to be more productive in their reporting and BI structures. She brings experience from multiple industries including finance, marketing, retail, education, and others, and has a fondness for complex data-wrangling and bringing together disparate systems to create a holistic view of business operations.



Is your organization fully utilizing Power BI?

Using our Catalyst Framework, BlueGranite will help you get the most out of your Power BI investment, accelerating time-to-value with our proven approach and our team of experienced consultants. We’ll start with a collaborative, hands-on workshop to map the latest Power BI features to your desired  capabilities and needs. BlueGranite will drive adoption across the enterprise, implementing best practices for governance and deployment to set you up for lasting success.

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