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May 05, 2015

10 Incredibly Useful Advanced Tableau Techniques

Javier Guillen Posted by Javier Guillen

Advanced Tableau, the leader in visual analytics, gives report developers the flexibility they need to create a variety of dashboards. While it is possible (and fun) to get very creative when developing visualizations, there is a relatively small set of patterns any Tableau developer should know about when creating business reports.

advanced tableau

Virtually every company must perform time driven reporting; advanced calculations like “this year versus last year” or “performance since inception” are so pervasive that having these patterns readily available can be very useful.

The following link features some of the most useful patterns I have found while working with Tableau. Feel free to use them as a reference when developing your own dashboards!

10 Incredibly Useful Tableau Techniques

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Javier Guillen

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Javier Guillen

Javier is a former employee at BlueGranite. He develops and delivers business analytics solutions with a strong adherence to best practice patterns. He has expertise in dimensional modeling, MDX / DAX / Cube Development (SSAS), Power Query, PowerPivot, and more.

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