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Bank Enriches Customer Insights with Modern Analytics



The accelerated pace of decision-making throughout the pandemic has reinforced the need to build speed and flexibility into the way businesses work. In consumer banking, financiers have seen customer preferences shift drastically towards digital services for everyday transactions, while the process of assisting customers' complex needs has become more challenging to manage. Continued success, in contingency with an increased need for efficiency, is dependent upon the ability to comprehensively understand customer preferences and behavior. This need has completely transformed how one of America's largest financial corporations derives its customer insights, and uses that information to better their customer experiences.

The Challenge

Executives from the Marketing Team wanted to create a view into metrics that influenced where they should implement media planning projects to attract new accounts, as well as identify possible cross-sell opportunities.

The greatest challenge was that it took hours to process, analyze, and distribute a limited amount of available data. Insights were hard to derive and determining trends required more painstaking, time-consuming manual manipulation – done entirely in Excel. By the time the data had been transformed each month, it was time to do it all over again.

The marketing team also wanted to maintain control over this process, rather than schedule sessions with the IT team to map out an effective data warehouse solution. Ideally, the team was looking for:

  • An automated solution they could maintain
  • An ability to easily filter, share, and personalize the solution
  • More robust ad hoc analysis capabilities

Most importantly, they wanted to be able to manage this technology and their work efficiently.

The Solution

BlueGranite used their Quickstart Framework to rapidly launch a value-delivered solution in five weeks, using Power BI.

The project's first phase included initial design sessions with key stakeholders to uncover top business and design priorities. Dawn Clement, Senior Consultant and Delivery Lead for the project recalled, "Engaging with the business owner about their business process and needs is key to creating and delivering business impact. We weren't just designing a report together, we were co-creating a new way of working for the entire team."

The next phase of the project was creating an efficient business workflow that could be managed by the marketing department with minimal effort.


  1. New files are received each month by the Marketing Department.
  2. The Marketing department places the files in a secure file storage location, where an automatic refresh process can connect and ingest them into the Power BI Service.
  3. Leadership and marketing teams consume insights, collaborate, and perform ad hoc and exploratory analyses as needed.

The final phase was developing a Power BI model and dataset that met the business, design, and process requirements. Using an iterative approach, with a few deep-dive feedback sessions, enabled the delivery of a 12-page reporting solution. The iterative design includes tab and measure switching between customer and account analysis for ease of use, artificial intelligence (AI) enhancements, and supplemental, never-before-used dimensions.

The Results

The business impact of the process and solution was immediate.

Not only were the business needs met, but stakeholders had no idea just how much analysis power was behind Power BI. The Senior Executive leading the marketing team remarked, "I'm absolutely thrilled with what BlueGranite was able to turn our simple Excel workbook into with Power BI. I didn't even know this was possible!"

This Power BI solution is now their single source of truth for market segments. They can uncover insights with minimal effort through specially designed visuals and key influencers. Their exploratory research capabilities have expanded using Q & A, mapping, and decomposition trees. And most importantly - they can own this process efficiently, with an automated process taking care of data ingestion and updating.

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