Advanced Analytics Workshop

On-site Overview, Assessment, and Actionable Recommendations

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Is your organization considering Microsoft for Advanced Analytics?

This workshop introduces the Microsoft Advanced Analytics platform with a strategic overview, an assessment, and a kick-start proof of concept, including Microsoft Machine Learning Server and Azure Machine Learning for SQL Server, HDInsight, and Power BI.

With expert guidance from a senior BlueGranite consultant, this workshop helps organizations understand how Microsoft Advanced Analytics technologies have been designed to maximize the effectiveness of your data science initiatives, especially for Big Data and complex business problems.

After the workshop, attendees will understand the value of Microsoft's Advanced Analytics, as well as patterns and best practices that help drive adoption, and ultimately provide insights for faster, better decision making.

What value would Advanced Analytics bring to our organization? What new business questions can we ask and answer? How can we take advantage of more of our data to build intelligent applications?

How would we configure and deploy advanced analytics solutions with Microsoft ML and Azure Machine Learning? What are the steps we must follow to realize business value through the use of Advanced Analytics?

What's possible with the Microsoft Advanced Analytics platform?  What skill sets are needed within our organization to fully leverage the platform?  How would our organization get started? 


Part 1:
Analytics Overview


Part 2:
Readiness Assessment


Part 3:
Kick-Start Your Analytics

Expert-led presentation of both business and technical topics on the value of Microsoft Advanced Analytics technologies, and how it integrates with the rest of the Microsoft data platform. 

Assess current data and advanced analytic capabilities including data quality, technology, and human resources. Provide a readiness report of findings and actionable recommendations.

Collaborative session to co-build a sample of what advanced analytics can offer - how to access data, how to develop analytic models, and share insights across the team.

Workshop Summary

  • This workshop is part of BlueGranite's Cloud Analytics Workshop Series
  • Material and discussions are intended for technical and business leaders
  • Location is on site at the client's facility
  • Funding available for qualified clients
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